Round piston

Round Piston are intended for round spinning cans with spring bottom.

They particularly fit with the spinning cans of the brand SUROY©.

  • Material: PP
  • Sizes: mm
  • Colours:


    Other colours on request

  • Standard surface: Diamond tips
Reference PLASTEMABCDEH FNumber of mouting rod FCentral mounting rodDetails
PISTOND 217LI21722220Smooth above - 6 grooves under + 1 central hole Diam 25
PISTOND 2852822875513.58560233N
PISTOND 292292297N
PISTOND 3353353405012.512560253N
PISTOND 34234234725N8 grooves above and under+ 1 central hole Diam 25
PISTOND 416409415389.514550253N
PISTOND 4304254303517,51455025 3 N
PISTOND 435432435381614048253Y
PISTOND 435LI 432435381614048253YSmooth above
PISTOND 4604574604013,516050253N
PISTOND 485 483487421414555253N
PISTOND 485LI 483487421414555253NSmooth above
PISTOND 5855805874512,523060253N
PISTOND 585LI5805874512,523060253NSmooth above

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