Our plastic parts for textile industry

Plastem, it’s a range of plastic parts for the textile industry. Clothes accessories for textile industry such as hooks and hangers and plastic parts for textile spinning cans are produced by the plastic injection molding process.

Hooks and hangers for textile articles

We offer accessories for textile clothes such as hooks and hangers for ties, hooks for bags, hanger connectors to bring together several hangers, size markers fixed on the hanger to tag textile items according to their size, hooks Anti-theft devices, for example, in the hotel which makes the hanger without hook unusable.

Our plastic parts for spinning cans

The plastic parts for spinning cans are intended for the textile industry such as spinning mills, dyers. We offer pistons lids for round or rectangular textile spinning cans with or without spring bottoms. The piston lids surface with diamond tip fit particularly to textile industry. The circles and the sliders are intended to protect the underside of the spinning cans and to move them easily on any type of floor. The bumpers fixed to the corner of the rectangular spinning cans avoid shocks during storage and handling.